BAT Logic Shoe Plate Pro

BAT Logic Shoe Plate Pro

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The ShoePlate PRO was used by crews that won 4 Gold and 3 Silver medals at the London 2012 Games.

The ShoePlate fits between your shoe and the footboard to create the best platform for your feet. It has a 7 degree wedge at the toe and a 3 degree wedge at the heel, this shape gives your foot maximum connection and stability, and helps tap into your most powerful leg muscles.

This is a world first patented design, it’s shape and function have come from years of research and development focusing on performance gain and injury reduction.

  1. Significant proven advantage over flat boards: Greater foot, leg & body stability Improved foot connection Enhanced & Earlier Heel loading
  2. Increased & optimised loading of gluteal, hamstring and quadricep muscle group (strongest muscles in the leg) as proved in Olympic federation testing Increased efficiency of leg drive power curve as seen in 600 + athletes tested Increased comfort
  3. Built for all rowers
  4. 1 size fits all
  5. Compatible with all boats
  6. Fully adjustable with splay, height etc
  7. 7 degree rise with toe wedge
  8. 3 degree rise with heel wedge Identical drill pattern as NikeOmada, Against, PBR & many others

Please Note, these Shoe Plates are fixed & not quick release, please see the separate listing for these


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