PBR 2 Project B Shoe Half Sizes Not Stocked
PBR 2 Project B Shoe Half Sizes Not Stocked

PBR 2 Project B Shoe Half Sizes Not Stocked

£145.00 (incl. VAT)

The Project B PBR2 is offered in a custom #Shark colour scheme for your #Shark. 

World first split sole carbon fiber rowing shoes utilising the lightest, highest quality and best performance materials, Researched, innovated and built from the ground up for rowers, by rowers.

With design direction from the largest foot force data pool ever collected in the sport, a shape formed by 20,000 athlete foot scans and the expertise of Bont Rowing and BAT Logic – to create Project B.

  • Rowing specific design – The range of rowing shoes have a design fully focused on power, function, comfort and your anatomy. No more blisters with anatomic heel design.
  • The lightest shoe in the high quality segment – Carbon fiber load cups at the toe and heel plus higher quality materials means you get more power without carrying extra weight.
  • Durability – Water proof outer, drainage vents and nylon clips give you a great looking shoe for now and 1000’s of km to come.
  • Your shoe to match your foot – Memory foam molds to the shape of your foot and a more generous toe box to fit all feet.
  • The full set up – Interacts with the QuickRelease System perfectly.


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